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University Faculty Leaders Call For Action

We, the Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents (ACUFP), representing more than 4,600 full-time faculty, who teach over 123,000 students in the sixteen public baccalaureate-degree granting institutions in the state of Alabama, applaud those members of the Alabama Legislature who have championed equity in funding for higher education as evinced by their consistent voting records.

The Legislature and Governor must demonstrate vision and leadership and stop our best and brightest from being forced to leave the state for educational, economic and cultural opportunities.

We urge, in the strongest manner possible, the Legislature and Governor to implement these three steps to make a positive change for the future of Alabama and all her students.

1.  Equitable allocation of all new education money in a 2 – 1 split between K-12 and four-year universities.

2.  Elimination of tax exemptions for special interest groups, which shift the already regressive tax burden even further from those most able to those least able to afford it.

3.  Elimination of inappropriate line items in the Education Trust Fund which serve special interest, non-education groups depleting the shallow pool of funds to the detriment of all students in the state of Alabama.

We ask all Alabamians to elect only those candidates who commit to this agenda.  We pledge our support, at the ballot box and beyond.  Alabama’s successful future is in all of our hands.

Adopted unanimously April 20, 2002.

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