ACUFP 2/26/00 Draft Response to questions regarding Faculty Data Base as posed by the Alabama Council of Chief Academic Officers per Dr. Roger Ritvo on 2/25/00

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  1. What do faculty do?
  2. Institutions of higher education in Alabama have varying missions all intended to serve the people of Alabama and to improve the lives of citizens of Alabama. Depending upon the mission of the institution, collectively, faculty engage in teaching, research/creativity/scholarship, and service. Individual faculty members engage in varying degrees of the above based upon their role within the institution.

  3. What should the public understand about faculty roles?
  4. We want the public to understand the key activities which constitute the teaching, research and service workload. Teaching includes but is not limited to preparation, classroom instruction, laboratory/studio and course development/supervision, supervising interns and independent studies, supervision of theses and dissertations, grading, advising, and learning and implementing new instructional technologies.

    Research/scholarship and creative activity includes contributions of original work to their field. This work includes such activities as authoring books, articles, papers, and multimedia materials; creation, performance and/or exhibition of artistic works; seeking grants; scientific discovery and invention.

    Service may consist of community-related activities including clinical/medical services, consultations and partnerships with business, governmental, cultural, and educational organizations; and agricultural extension services. University service may include development of new academic programs, maintenance of accreditation of academic programs, mentoring new faculty, and service on university committees. Professional service may consist of participation in accrediting boards, licensure boards, professional organizations, and editorial boards.

  5. How do we measure what we do?

Data are reported annually according to descriptive categories such as full-time, part-time, teaching faculty, clinical faculty, research faculty, and administrative faculty. Data to be collected may consist of the following.

Teaching data: (6)

Research…data (5)

Service data (5)