Fall 1999 Meeting

The fall meeting of ACCUFP was held on November 12th and 13th at the University of West Alabama. The meeting began with a registration/luncheon from 11:45 a.m. until 12:15 p.m. The meeting was called to order by President Victoria Rivizzigno at 12:15 p.m. In the absence of Secretary, Yvonne Kozlowski, Denise Gibbs offered to provide minutes of the meeting.

Universities with representatives in attendance included: Alabama A & M University (A&M), Alabama State University (ASU), Auburn University (AU), Auburn University - Montgomery (AUM), Jacksonville State University (JSU), Troy State University - Dothan (TSUD), University of Alabama (UA), University of Alabama-Huntsville (UAH), University of Montevallo (UM), University of North Alabama (UNA), University of South Alabama (USA), and University of West Alabama (UWA). R. T. Floyd, UWA Faculty Senate President welcomed ACCUFP members to the campus. The minutes of the 1999 Spring meeting were reviewed and approved as corrected.

Brief discussion of the Faculty Workload Database was conducted in preparation for the upcoming meeting with Hank Hector and Sandy Woodley from the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE). Some preliminary questions to be discussed with Hector and Woodley were determined.

Instructional Costs vs. Administrative Costs

In other business, a question was raised about the percentage of university budgets being allocated for instruction. Feedback was provided by several members.

Higher Education Partnership

The importance of working with the Higher Education Partnership (HEP) was discussed. The manner in which HEP board members are selected was questioned and the need for more diverse representation on the HEP executive committee was mentioned.

Web Site

The development of an ACCUFP web site was discussed. R. T. Floyd offered to administer the website with members providing information to be included. A motion was made, seconded and approved that ACCUFP would establish a website with R. T. Floyd as web administrator. Content of the ACCUFP website was discussed.

Name Change

A motion was made, seconded, and approved that the name of this organization be changed to the Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents (ACUFP). As there are no member schools which are now colleges, there is no longer a need to include the term Colleges in the name of the organization.

ACHE – Faculty Workload

Dr. Hank Hector and Sandy Woodley of ACHE arrived at 1:30 p.m. and discussion of the Faculty Workload Database ensued. Dr. Hector presented an overview of the legislation mandating the creation of the database and the work done by ACHE thus far to develop a data collection instrument to be used to assess individual faculty workloads throughout the state.

Dr. Hector indicated that "public perception that university faculty do not work hard" had prompted the passage of this legislation. ACHE along with university lobbyists had succeeded in getting the language of the original bill changed from "faculty teaching loads" to "faculty workloads." A Steering Committee was appointed by ACHE with members recommended by university presidents. The Steering Committee is composed of the Institutional Research officers from the various universities. This committee has worked to develop the "Faculty Database Draft Proposal" which was distributed to ACCUFP members.

Ms. Woodley described the work of the Steering Committee and explained parts of the draft proposal. A number of questions were asked of Woodley and Hector regarding the draft proposal.

ACCUFP members asked:

(1) What would be done with the data?

(2) Was there an intent to use this information for performance-based budgeting?

(3) How often would the data be collected?

(4) How faculty were being defined?

(5) Why faculty had not been asked to provide input into the draft proposal?

Dr. Hector and Ms. Woodley responded to these questions stating:

(1) We do not know what will be done with the data or if anything will be done with the data.

(2) There is no intention to use this data to move toward performance-based budgeting. There are no incentives or disincentives associated with this data.

(3) The frequency with which ACHE will report the data to the legislature is still open for discussion but institutions are mandated by the legislation to submit the data on an annual basis.

(4) Defining faculty is still an unresolved issue.

(5) By discussing the database with ACCUFP at this meeting, ACHE is seeking faculty input.

ACCUFP members made a number of specific suggestions to Hector and Woodley. It was suggested that:

(1) Number of student contact hours per week be included.

(2) Credit be given for off-campus teaching such as supervision of student teachers.

(3) Credit be given for the intensity of teaching required in various disciplines such as art, music, and theatre which require considerable "after-hours" instruction.

(4) Accreditation issues and guidelines be considered.

(5) Discipline-specific guidelines for acceptable workloads be considered.

(6) Credit be given for academic advising.

(7) Credit be given for regularly scheduled office hours during which faculty are available for student consultations.

(8) Faculty input be utilized in developing the final database instrument.

Dr. Hector indicated that he would welcome feedback from ACCUFP regarding alternatives to the proposed draft database. He stated that it was not necessary to have identical reports from each institution and that perhaps it would be better to have one set of data collected from regional institutions and another set of data from doctoral institutions. He suggested that we develop uniform reporting forms for regional and doctoral institutions with input from each of our institutions and that we needed to provide this information to him within the next six months.

Dr. Hector and Ms. Woodley concluded their remarks and were thanked by President Rivizzigno and ACCUFP members.

President Rivizzigno suggested that each member meet with their Chief Academic Officer (CAO) to discuss the results of our meeting with Dr. Hector and to determine the most effective response. A motion was made, seconded and approved that ACCUFP officers contact the President of the CAOs to determine the possibility of scheduling a joint meeting between our respective groups. The next meeting of the CAOs is February 14-16 at Point Clear.

Faculty Background Checks

Information regarding required background checks for teachers was distributed and discussed.

University Boards of Trustees

The possibility of suggesting that Board of Trustee members be subject to the Alabama Ethics Law was discussed. A resolution passed by ACCUFP in 1994 regarding qualifications and appointment of Board of Trustees members was discussed. Revisions were made to the 1994 resolution and a motion was made, seconded, and passed that ACCUFP submit this revised resolution to the Governor, Lt. Governor, and members of the Legislature. The resolution is included in attachment 1. Members were asked to encourage their respective Faculty Senates to endorse this resolution. It was also suggested that the resolution be distributed to the media when it is presented to the Governor. ACCUFP will need to put this resolution into legislative bill format and find a legislator to sponsor the legislation.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m. on 12 November 1999 and resumed at 8:30 a.m. on 13 November 1999.

University Foundations

The manner in which university foundations handle accounts and credit interest was discussed. It appeared that practices varied across institutions.

Sick Leave Policies

Sick leave policies were discussed and several members distributed copies of their respective policies. The concept of "banking sick leave" was discussed and some members were interested in developing such systems at their institutions.

Treasurer’s Report

Richard Vinson gave the Treasurer’s report. The report included a list of institutions with paid memberships for 1998-1999 and 1999-2000 and an accounting of expenses and income since the last meeting. ACCUFP had a balance on hand of $7063.42 as of 10 November 1999. A motion was made, seconded, and approved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted.

A motion was made, seconded and approved that ACCUFP pay a $200 honorarium to R. T. Floyd for his work in developing and maintaining the ACCUFP website for 1999-2000.

A motion was made, seconded, and approved that ACCUFP join the National Association of Faculty Governance and pay $140 for a two-year membership.

Election of Officers

The following individuals were elected to serve as ACCUFP officers for 1999-2000:

Tom Osborne President

Denise Gibbs First Vice President

Kathleen Pittman Second Vice President

Calvin Jones Treasurer

Craig Hanks Secretary

Victoria Rivizzigno will be serving as Past President for 1999-2000.


Yvonne Kozlowski and Richard Vinson were commended for their service to ACCUFP as they completed terms as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Future Meetings

It was determined that ACCUFP will hold its Spring 2000 meeting at Troy State University in Montgomery on February 25th and 26th . It was also suggested that the Fall 2000 meeting be held at Troy State University in Troy.

University Reports

University reports were given by members from each of the following institutions: A&M, ASU, AU, AUM, JSU, TSUD, UAH, UM, UNA, USA, UWA.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Denise Gibbs

Attachment # 1 ACUFP Minutes 12-13 November 1999 Meeting


Whereas, members of the boards of trustees of the state’s universities provide critical leadership for higher education in the state of Alabama, and

Whereas it is desirable that the most highly qualified individuals available be selected to serve on boards of trustees;

Now, therefore be it resolved that the Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents urges the state legislature to adopt legislation and any necessary Constitutional amendments to provide the following procedures for the nomination and appointment of board members for all state universities that are appointed by the Governor:

1) that state residency requirements be eliminated for at least some portion of each university’s board of trustees;

2) that conflict of interest policies applying to state officials be applied to members of boards of trustees;

3) that there be mandatory orientation and training regarding the duties and responsibilities of boards of trustees consistent with the recommendations of the Association of Governing Boards for all newly appointed board members;

4) that each university’s board of trustees include, as a nonvoting member, the elected chair or the university’s faculty governance organization and that the faculty representative participate in all deliberations of the board of trustees including those conducted in executive session.

Adopted by ACUFP on 12 November 1999.

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