Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents


WHEREAS members of the Boards of Trustees of the state’s universities provide critical leadership for higher education in the state of Alabama, and

WHEREAS it is desirable that the most highly qualified individuals available be selected to serve on Boards of Trustees,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents urge the state legislature to adopt legislation and any necessary constitutional amendments to provide the following procedures for the nomination and appointment of board members for all state universities that are appointed by the Governor:

  1. that state residency requirements be eliminated for at least some portion of each university’s Board of Trustees;
  2. that conflict of interest policies applying to state officials be applied to members of Boards of Trustees;
  3. that there be mandatory orientation and training regarding the duties and responsibilities of Boards of Trustees consistent with the recommendations of the Association of Governing Boards for all newly appointed Board members;
  4. that each university’s Board of Trustees include as a nonvoting member the elected chair of the university’s faculty governance organization, and that the faculty representative participate in all deliberations of the Board including those conducted in executive session.

Adopted November 13, 1999 at the University of West Alabama, Livingston, Alabama.


Thomas R. Osborne, President
Alabama Council of University
Faculty Presidents

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