ACUFP Meeting November 9-10, 2001


The fall meeting of the ACUFP membership was hosted by Jacksonville State University.

A special thanks to Dr. Kelly Gregg who planned the event and to the appropriate administrators, faculty, and staff at Jacksonville State.

Universities represented included: ASU, A&M, Auburn, AUM, JSU, Montevallo, TSU, TSUD, TSUM, UAH, UNA, and UWA.

On Friday, November 9, the fall meeting of the ACUFP organization was called to order by President R. T. Floyd of the University of West Alabama.

Attendees introduced themselves and identified the university that they represented.  President Floyd discussed the general schedule for the two days.  Copies of the minutes were distributed and approved.  The treasurerís report was given by Dr. Kelly Gregg who provided financial information as well as identifying difficulties encountered in tracking the appropriate paper work.

The agenda was approved as presented.  Bob Van Der Velde shared a Friend of the court update.

Guest speaker, Gordon Stone, Executive Director of the Higher Education Partnership addressed the issues of funding higher education and the role that constitutional reform should play in supporting funding for institutions of higher learning.  He encouraged universities to take an active role in supporting the Higher Education Partnership.

Discussion about how to conduct and/or sponsor Constitutional Reform Seminars occurred.  Some representatives of universities made tentative commitments to hosting seminars on Constitutional reform.

President Floyd shared information about the ACUFP Web page, and invited members to take the opportunity to update information at that site.  The suggestion that a web page on the site be added to include links to all possible other faculty senates was proposed and accepted.  Similarly, it was proposed and accepted that a web page be developed with links to the faculty handbooks of colleges and universities.  Included in the discussion was information concerning ACUFP Yahoo Groups.

Jacksonville State President Meehan hosted a reception at the Presidentís home for the group.  Dinner was provided by Jacksonville State at ďThe Barn.Ē

Saturday, November 10, President Floyd introduced additional attendees.  Discussion was held concerning campus partnerships, and the group explored ways of supporting Constitutional Reform.  It was decided that timing would be critical, and that instead of the ACUFP organization passing a resolution on this date, that it would be more effective to carry the ideas for individual faculty groups to pass appropriate resolutions.

President Floyd solicited assistance in trying to locate the ACUFP Constitution and past minutes for posting on the ACUFP web page and distribution to member institutions.

Officers for the year 2001-2002 were elected.  They are: PresidentóR.T. Floyd, First Vice-PresidentóBob Van Der Velde, Second Vice-PresidentóBarb Struempler, SecretaryóBrenda Webb, and TreasureróKelly Gregg.

Spring meeting dates were set for April 19-20, 2002.  The University of Alabama at Huntsville volunteered to serve as host.

Members then shared university reports.  Dan Rogers, the University of South Alabama, forwarded that universityís report.  Issues included protocols for promotions on campus, faculty-administrator relationships, administrator-Trustees relationships, and mechanisms for donating sick leave on those campuses that are involved in doing this.  Dr. Jim Miller, UAH, requested information from each institution regarding faculty salary scales, particularly information related to the salary differential between different ranks.

Additional topics were strategies for boosting faculty morale, budgeting issues, and interpretations of collegiality on campuses.  Faculty workload remained a major issue, and universities were asked to share information about this expectation for faculty on their campuses.

President Floyd thanked members for attending, and the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by

Brenda H. Webb

April 19, 2002

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