Minutes Fall 2002 Meeting

Alabama Council of University of Faculty Presidents

Meeting November 15-16, 2002

Troy State University Dothan

On Friday, November 15, 2002 the Alabama Council of University Presidents met in the Michelin Room of the Technology Library Building at Troy State University, Dothan, Alabama.  President R.T. Floyd, University of West Alabama, called the meeting to order.

Attendees introduced themselves.  Included were: R.T. Floyd, University of West Alabama; Lloyd Hillman, UAH; Scott Meyer, Montevallo; George Makowski, UNA; Neil Thorne, UNA; Bob Saunders, TSUD; Drew Harrington, TSU Montgomery; Isabel Z. Brown, University of South Alabama; Jeanette Jones, A&M; Sandra Powell, A&M; Stephan Waring, UAH; and Kim Womack, Jacksonville State.

Minutes from previous meeting were accepted as amended.

Treasurer’s Report: Kim Womack presented a written report from Kelly Gregg, Treasurer.  Schools present received an invoice reflecting current payment status.  A request was made that Kelly Gregg send statements to everyone reflecting 2002-03 payments and that the next report reflect “Universities who have not paid last years dues”.  The group also requested that a line be added to the top of the existing form “2001-2002 dues received”.  Bob Saunders made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as amended.  Drew Harrington seconded the motion; all were in favor with no opposed-motion carried.

Conference Call with Gordon Stone of Higher Education Partnership:  The call began with brief introductions around the table.  Mr. Stone thanked the group for allowing him to speak via a conference call.  He related that he appreciated the group’s participation in the Higher Education Partnership.  He invited the participants to a Joint Task Force Meeting in Montgomery on Wednesday, November 20, 2003 at 11:30 a.m.  He requested that anyone planning to attend the meeting contact Diane Causey in his office.  Mr. Stone spoke briefly about the “Go Vote” endeavor initiated by students on various campuses.  They registered 5,000 voters.  52% of total votes cast from 12 counties where HEP is represented.  Included in the endeavor were forums on campuses and rallies across the state on various campuses.  He reported that PACT/ATLP endorses 61 candidates in the state elections and that 60 were elected.  He reported on the Platform for Progress, an action plan to give us specific goals and outcome measures as a state.  He encouraged everyone to read and utilize the statements on where Higher Education can make a difference.  He discussed that his office is rallying and getting ready for legislative sessions and mentioned that he would like to get around to all campuses to meet with faculty.  He reported that Bill O’Connor’s proposal “Campaign for Alabama” is gaining momentum and actually has a better chance than any other time in the past.  R.T. asked him about the Call For Action results.  Mr. Stone related that they plan to utilize the data later to be more useful.  Mr. Stone suggested having the next meeting of this group in Montgomery during Higher Education Day.  He offered the resources of his office to help facilitate a time and space for the meeting.  He related that the Rally is scheduled to start at 11:00 a.m.  We discussed the ACHE Planning Committee and related that our initial concern was the need for an increase in the number of faculty representation on the committee.  Mr. Stone ended the call with a request to be invited to speak at faculty meetings regarding changes in his program.

ACUFP Constitution: The group reviewed copies of the standing constitution and proposed changes to the constitution.  R.T. reported that no changes have been made since April 2002 when it was posted on the web.  Jeanette Jones posed a question regarding Article IV and suggested that it should read “shall be” or “should be”.  The organization was founded in 1975.  R.T. requested information of archival significance be sent to him for the creation of an archive.  Motion to accept changes to Constitution made by Drew Harrington, seconded by Bob Saunders, passed unanimously.

Response to the ACHE PLG: The group spent the remainder of the meeting time on Thursday formulating a response to the ACHE PLG.  See attached form for the finalized recommendations from the group.

ACUFP WEB PAGES UPDATE: Montevallo needed to added to home page.  Any previous ACUFP officers and members currently not listed on the ACUFP pages and desiring to be added to should notify R.T.

YAHOO GROUPS: Anyone interested must register as a signed user and receive a code.  Faculty Senate Officers were encouraged to join.

Spring Meeting 2003: The meeting was initially set for either February 28 or March 14 at UNA.  The group discussed holding the meeting in Montgomery during Higher Education Day by possibly starting the meeting around 3:00 p.m. and meet on Friday afternoon.  The group discussed considering UNA then for the fall meeting.  UNA representatives agreed to look at dates that would work for them in the fall.  The group agreed to attempt to avoid setting future meetings when Board of Trustee meetings were taking place on campuses whenever possible.

The Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m. on Friday and the group gathered for dinner at a nearby Japanese steak house.

The meeting reconvened on Saturday with a review of the ACHE PLG completed document.  R.T. agreed to e-mail a final draft to all attendees and other faculty presidents.  He agreed to enclose a cover letter to provide clarification.

Nomination of Officers: Jeanette Jones nominated R.T. Floyd for President, seconded by Isabel Brown.  George Makowski moved nominations be closed.  Vote carried nomination.

1st Vice President: Jeanette nominated George Makowski, seconded by Isabel Brown.  Drew Harrington moved that nominations be closed.  Vote carried.

2nd Vice President: Isabel Brown nominated Jeanette Jones, seconded by Bob Saunders, Neil Thorne moved nominations be closed.  Vote carried.

Secretary: George Makowski nominated Brenda Webb, Seconded by Bob Saunders, Jeanette Jones moved nominations be closed.  Vote carried.

Treasurer: Kim Womack nominated Kelly Gregg, Isabel Brown seconded Bob Saunders moved nominations be closed.  Vote carried.

University reports: Members shared university reports.

The meeting adjourned following closing statements from R.T. Floyd, President.

Respectfully submitted by

Kim Womack

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