Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents

ACUFP 2006 Tentative Schedule & Agenda

Montgomery, AL

Our meeting site is at 125 S. Ripley St. and has several sites available at the building. If you park at the building, you should only park in the sites marked "Reserved for regional universities only" of "Reserved for UNA only." A few sites will also be available close by with additional parking at some distance.

The best course will be to check in at the office when you arrive so that Christine Villarreal, the coordinator on site will be able to direct you.

FYI, the telephone number at the ACUFP meeting location, The UNA Governmental Relations Office, is (334) 242-5645.

Tentative Agenda

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Friday, March 3, 2006


Our host hotel will be the:

Best Western Monticello Inn, 5837 Monticello Drive, Montgomery, AL  36117  334-277-4442  Fax: 334-277-9669 

Directions from UNA Governmental Relations Office at 125 South Ripley Street to Best Western


Map to Hotels
Downtown area map
From downtown to hotel are via I-85 map
I-85 to hotel area map


Tentative Agenda

  1. Call to Order

  2. Approval of November 4-5, 2005 Minutes

  3. Approval of Agenda

  4. Introduction of Attendees

  5. Treasurer's Report

  6. Presentations by  invited Legislators

  7. Identification and discussion of key faculty concerns

  8. Presentations by  invited Legislators

  9. University Reports

  10. Dates for Fall 2006 meeting

Directions via Google Maps

Round trip directions from University of North Alabama Governmental Relations Office, 125 S. Ripley St., Montgomery, AL 361 to Best Western and back to UNA Governmental Relations Office





5:00 PM


Depart 125 S Ripley St, Montgomery, AL 36104 on Washington St (West)

0.3 mi

5:01 PM


Turn LEFT (South) onto S Decatur St

0.6 mi

5:03 PM


Turn LEFT (East) onto Arba St

0.1 mi

5:03 PM


Continue (East) on Ramp

0.1 mi

5:03 PM


Merge onto I-85 (East)

4.9 mi

5:09 PM


At I-85 Exit 6, turn off onto Ramp

0.2 mi

5:10 PM


Turn LEFT (North) onto US-80 [US-231]

0.3 mi

5:11 PM


Turn RIGHT (East) onto Monticello Dr

0.1 mi

5:11 PM


Arrive 5837 Monticello Dr, Montgomery, AL 36117 [5837 Monticello Dr, Montgomery, AL 36117]


7:41 AM


Depart 5837 Monticello Dr, Montgomery, AL 36117 [5837 Monticello Dr, Montgomery, AL 36117] on Monticello Dr (West)

0.1 mi

7:42 AM


Turn LEFT (South) onto US-80 [SR-8]

164 yds

7:42 AM


Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto Ramp

0.3 mi

7:42 AM


Merge onto I-85 (West)

5.0 mi

7:48 AM


At I-85 Exit 1, turn off onto Ramp

174 yds

7:48 AM


Turn RIGHT (North) onto S Union St

0.5 mi

7:50 AM


Turn RIGHT (East) onto Adams St

153 yds

7:51 AM


Turn LEFT (North) onto S Ripley St

142 yds

7:51 AM


Arrive 125 S Ripley St, Montgomery, AL 36104


Driving distance: 12.8 miles
Trip duration: 23 minutes
Driving time: 23 minutes

Downtown area
From downtown to hotel are via I-85
From I-85 to hotel area

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