Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents

Amendment to Change ACUFP Constitution

ACUFP Constitution

The Amendment below was developed and approved for presentation to the entire ACUFP membership for its review and action.  Action on Amendment 2 is scheduled for the Fall 2002 regular ACUFP meeting which is planned for TSUD.


                The language of the present Constitution is changed as follows (language added is in bold italicized letters, language deleted is placed in bold strikethrough:

Article I

                The name of the organization established in accordance with the terms of the present Constitution shall be The Alabama Council of College and University Faculty Presidents, hereinafter referred to as the Council.

Article II

                As an instrument of the common interests of the members of the academic faculties of the four-year colleges and public universities in the State of Alabama, the Council has the following purposes:

                2.  To facilitate the organization of effective faculty representation in institutions of higher education by mutual assistance among participating representatives; and

                3.  To provide a continuing opportunity for the exchange of intelligence information among college and university faculties by semi-annual and special meetings of the Council and by correspondence and other consultation among members.

Article III

                4.  The educational institutions, the representatives of whose faculty organizations may be members of the Council, are those accredited colleges and public university universities in the State of Alabama which grant baccalaureate academic degrees.

Article IV

                2.  All officers shall be elected at the Fall meeting of the Council and shall serve from the adjournment of the meeting at which elected until the adjournment of the next Fall meeting even if, in any case, an officer shall in the meantime have been succeeded in office in his or her faculty organization.  Officers elected at the organizational meeting provided in Article X shall take office immediately upon election and shall serve until adjournment of the next Fall meeting.  It is the responsibility of each officer to maintain complete, accurate records assigned to the office held.  Such records should be transferred to their successors.

Article V
Meetings and Procedures

                2.  Special meetings of the Council may be called by the Executive Committee whenever, in its judgment, such meetings are warranted by the purposes of the Council. , including meetings and votes by electronic means.

                3.  Meetings of the Council shall be governed by the following rules:

                                a. either one-half of the members of the Councilor, alternatively, members representing one-half of the faculty organizations represented in the Council shall constitute a quorum to do business;

                                b.  decisions of the Council shall be made by a simple majority of those members  institutions present and voting unless otherwise provided by the present Constitution;

                6.  The Council may authorize any of its officers or other members to publicize its resolutions and to make representations to governmental officials and to officers of colleges and universities in accordance with such resolutions.

Article VII

                1.  At each regular meeting of the Council the Executive Committee shall may propose and a budget to the Council. shall consider and approve the budget of the Council.

Article VIII

                Amendments to the present Constitution shall come into force when they have been adopted by a vote of two-thirds of the members institutions present and voting at any meeting of the Council and ratified by two-thirds of the faculty organizations represented by the members of the Council.

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